As the “King of Precious Stones,” the ruby has been venerated and admired since antiquity. With such high demand, many beautiful red gems throughout history have been set into jewellery used by royalty and the upper class. However, when the modern age of gem identification came, it was revealed that many of these supposed “rubies” were instead pretenders to the throne. Amongst the most famous of these usurpers is the rubellite, also known as pinkish red tourmaline, having been mistaken for rubies and set in the Russian crown jewels.

Rubellite, being a tourmaline, is softer than the ruby’s 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, coming in at a   still generous 7 to 7.5 with no cleavage. That means it is suitable for everyday wear, able to be set in most kinds of jewellery. This 125 carat rubellite however, was far too grand for our chief designer to set in anything except as a pendant.

However, for such a majestic gemstone, it was clear that a simple casing would not be enough. A regal jewel needed equally regal trappings to truly accentuate its beauty. Its journey into becoming a Peranakan jewellery piece would begin with a yellow gold bezel casing, with a circle of gold leaves to secure the large rubellite. This setting helps to enhance its colour as well as to hide any potential imperfections that would take away from its beauty. A yellow gold Peranakan enhancer with diamonds was added later to give the pendant additional form, and its flower and leaves motif almost giving it the image of a fancy crown upon its head.

This Peranakan rubellite pendant, when put together with this Peranakan princess-length floral necklace, can bloom in its full glory, truly befitting its historical position as a royal contender. Much like this rubellite gemstone, some of our loved ones would shine even brighter than they already do, just by giving them the appropriate accessory to wear. Is there anyone who you think would absolutely glow with this rubellite pendant? Send this to them and let them know that they are always in your thoughts!

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