Magpie in the Frame Earrings (Gold) (SOLD)


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Product Description

The Magpie in the Frame Earrings are inspired by the ornate carvings and designs on the wooden door and window frames of traditional Peranakan households of years past, and are crafted to recreate that same design aesthetic that you can proudly display on your person. The Chinese characters for magpie, “喜鹊”, shares the same character with the Chinese character for joy. Hence, when these magpies are set in pairs, they read as “double happiness” (“双喜”), which also can mean marital bliss. While these golden magpies may fly alone in their respective frames, they naturally become a pair as they flutter around each of the wearer’s ears. Through this, our chief designer’s wish for our clients is expressed: that their joys may be doubled and made complete in their lives.

This particular variant comes in 18k yellow gold for both the magpie and the frame for those who prefer the traditional Peranakan aesthetic.


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