On Eagle’s Wings (Sapphire)

On Eagle’s Wings (Sapphire)

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Product Description

This pendant-brooch piece is handcrafted with sapphires, diamonds and 18k yellow gold, with a soaring eagle motif, which is an uncommon design in Peranakan or even Chinese culture.

When the eagle does appear, it often represents strength and resolve. Unlike the soaring raptors of the On Eagle’s Wings pendants however, the eagle is often depicted perched on a pine tree or on a rock in Chinese paintings.

This divergence in depictions by our chief designer was partially inspired by an interesting fact about the eagle. While almost all birds of prey, from falcons to hawks, always cautiously look over their shoulder before they strike at their prey, the noble eagles do not, for they know that they are the lords of the sky. In the same way, our chief designer prays for those who bear these Eagles around the neck or upon their chest, to bravely face tomorrow without being burdened or chained down by their past, no matter how painful it might be.


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