Peranakan Ruby Carp Brooch (Sold)


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Product Description

The carp is generally the most depicted fish due to their longevity as well as their large scales which resemble the mythical dragon’s scales. There is even a Chinese saying that when a carp leaps over the Dragon’s Gate, it will become a dragon! When creating the Peranakan Carp ruby pendant-brooch, the designer had similar wishes for the person who would bear this brooch.

When crafting this pendant-brooch, our designer decided on the ruby to not only add colour to this item, but to also merge the symbolism between the carp and the ruby; for what is the point of abundance if it is not fortified by good health, protected by sufficient wisdom, and perhaps most important of all, made worth having in the first place because of love. In today’s climate of fear and worry, this is a blessing that Foundation Jewellers prays for all our friends to possess. Is there someone in mind who you feel could use such a blessing? Share it with them and be blessed yourself today!